According to the World Customs Organization… Chinese counterfeits account for nearly 2% of world trade.

One of the risks of having a successful brand is counterfeit products appearing on websites, street markets, and even within your own supply chain. According to the World Customs Organization, 75% of all counterfeit goods seized worldwide between 2008 and 2010 were produced in China, and Chinese counterfeits account for nearly 2% of world trade. That fact combined with 1.4 billion potential customers for your product provide excellent reasons to establish an anti-counterfeiting program right at the source of the problem.

We have unparalleled experience tracing the source of counterfeit goods, gathering the necessary evidence and taking swift action against counterfeiters. Our team of dedicated investigators are stationed in counterfeit hotspots all over China and have a vast network of informants supplying them with information in key supply chains.

Our Anti-Counterfeiting services include:

  • Investigation of Known Counterfeiters (both online and offline)
  • Gathering Intelligence on Counterfeiters (sightings)
  • Surveys of Online and Offline Markets
  • Administrative Enforcement Action
  • Criminal Enforcement Action
  • Market Surveys and Sweeps
  • Notarization of Infringement