Investigations and Surveillance

Investigations and Surveillance

A well-run internal investigation can enhance a company’s overall well-being and can help detect the source of lost funds, identify responsible parties and recover losses
– Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Disputes and misconduct inevitably arise when large companies cross borders. Internal investigations of your facilities and third-party suppliers can discover numerous business risks. Companies engaging in operations in Asia frequently encounter child labor, internal fraud, corruption, theft and other issues, and unfortunately often only become aware of these issues after they have been seized by the media.

Our investigators have discovered potential problems during routine inspections and uncovered key facts to support internal allegations. We have worked on cases spanning a vast range of issues across a broad variety of industries. We aim to provide objective, discreet investigations, whilst causing minimum business disruption, and often work in conjunction with internal and external legal counsel.

Our Investigations and Surveillance services include:

  • Facility Monitoring and Inspections
  • Discreet Site Visits
  • Investigative Response to Internal Allegations
  • Fraud and Complex Financial Investigations
  • Infidelity Investigations
  • Private, Tailored Investigations